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SPF30 Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

Product Name: Summer Refreshing Sunscreen Body Lotion
Product Specification: 90ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

With fresh and transparent emulsion texture, it’s refreshing like water, easy to smear, combined with a unique ultra-fine natural mineral sunscreen and composite sunscreen ingredients, can effectively isolate UV and damage from external environment. Excellent care of moisturizing and sunscreen can bring healthy and transparent skin, naturally clear and bright.

Theobroma cacao seed fat
Soften skin, moisturizing and nourishing

Strengthen the repair of skin epidermis, effectively form a natural protective film, and help the balance between skin and sebum

Lavender angustifolia oil
Moisturize, soothe, strengthen the barrier

Sodium hyaluronate
Moisturize and repair skin barrier, refine and soften skin, make skin smooth and shiny

Piper methysticum leaf / root / stem extract
Moisturizing, soothing, repairing, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic

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