In 2023, Xujohn ‘s second stop in the world: COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA ITALY


Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Italy

Founded in 1967, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Italy is the largest beauty exhibition in the world. There are many exhibition companies participating in the exhibition, and the exhibition products are complete. It enjoys a high reputation in the world and is listed as the largest and most authoritative by Guinness The global beauty fair. Most of the world’s well-known beauty companies set up large-scale exhibition booths here to release new products and new technologies, and to display the most fashionable and cutting-edge products. Xujohn, like other enterprises participating in the exhibition, hopes to display its latest and best products at the exhibition, and provide the most advanced technology and the most considerate service. At the same time, grasp the weathervane of the times!


Hot products at the exhibition attract much attention

Xujohn exhibition is located at booth T22, A20-A18. The overall design is simple and elegant, with blue as the main tone. Pleasant visual experience for exhibitors.

At this exhibition, Xu Makeup made a shining appearance, and its product categories cover animal mask series, VC set series, crystal double-color eye mask series, hand and foot masks, buttock masks and other facial cleansing and body care series, as well as Christmas series and other fields. At the exhibition, the OEM/ODM one-stop intelligent production service of Xujohn Cosmetics was displayed in an all-round way. The superior products with high appearance, high quality, strong sense of experience and great differentiation made the exhibition site popular.


Professional and considerate service

In this exhibition, the sales elites of Xujohn always have a smile on their faces, entertain every customer participating in the exhibition with heart, and answer the questions of every visitor participating in the exhibition with a professional working attitude and fluent English. Every small detail in this exhibition shows the “professional ingenuity” of Xujohn, so that global customers can fully experience professional and caring services!

At the exhibition, we also met many old customers whom we hadn’t seen for a long time, and had a good time talking with old friends. Of course, Xujohn also lived up to expectations, and brought better products and solutions to share with customers at this exhibition.


Quality wins the future

At this exhibition, Xujohn was favored by global business partners with its international high-standard product quality and pleasant product experience, and won high recognition and enthusiastic consultation from customers around the world. At the exhibition site, many customers and partners also had discussions on the future preliminary communication of the cooperation intention was carried out.


Future can be expected

This trip to Italy made the exhibitors from all over the world feel the charm of Chinese manufacturing, and passed the ingenious manufacturing of Xujohn to all over the world. Xujohn will continue to broaden its professional vision, continue to innovate and develop, use more creative products to help global merchants open up the market, and further advance to the international market with higher standards and better services!

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