Xujohn with new products at the 133rd Canton Fair

The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair was held from April 23rd to 27th. The themes of the exhibition were mainly consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations, with 18 exhibition areas. The scale of offline exhibitions reached a record high, with an exhibition area of 505,000 square meters and more than 24,000 booths. At this Canton Fair, Xujohn is ready to show up at the exhibition with a variety of ingenious new products with international market competitiveness, including facial cleansing series, hydrogel eye mask series, body care series and festival box series. The core ingredients, product advantages and their functional effects are eagerly concerned by global buyers at the exhibition.

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Before the start of the Canton Fair, everyone from the business team to the functional departments of Xujohn worked hard for the Canton Fair, and they were full of confidence and expectations for the fair. Prepare samples, invite customers, design exhibitions, training, publicity and other preparations to participate in the exhibition with a meticulous and pragmatic spirit, welcome visitors from all over the world with a vigorous look, expand markets, capture business opportunities, and jointly promote high-quality development of foreign trade . The business elites are high-spirited and are always ready to provide the best and best services and products for Canton Fair customers.

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During the Canton Fair, the Xujohn exhibition hall is dominated by simple blue and white colors, and the fashion design is “young, innovative, and fashionable”, incorporating bright white chandeliers, body series films, and hydrogel eye masks. LED fashion posters As well as R&D centers, production workshops and other elements, a special area for holiday boxes is set up, full of Christmas atmosphere! The scientific research and publicity video at the exhibition allowed global merchants to have a more comprehensive understanding of the product development and quality system of Xujohn, which stood out from the crowd of exhibitors and ignited the audience.

At this Canton Fair, Xujohn relies on a strong R&D system to demonstrate its domineering strength. At the beginning of the preparation for the exhibition, a lot of effort and energy were devoted, coupled with the accumulation of years of research and development and manufacturing strength, and the ingenuity of excellence has been cast into very distinctive, high-quality, and valuable scientific research products, including facial delicate care and hair care. , hand and foot care, body care, festival series and functional box series and other exhibition highlight products. During the Canton Fair, Xujohn was favored by new and old customers at home and abroad at the exhibition by virtue of its characteristic research and development formula, high-quality products, excellent product quality and exquisite appearance design.

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At the exhibition, the new products of the festival series are out of the circle

During the Canton Fair, Xujohn launched a series of gift boxes for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas at the exhibition. Combining the exquisite design of node elements, it created a 12-day mask series, chest, abdomen, buttocks body series, multi-function essence combination series, hand and foot Membrane series and luxury skin care sets and other gift boxes can solve skin problems of different body parts. The “node gift box” with strong efficacy, high appearance, festive atmosphere and satisfying human relationships satisfies consumers’ high value for beauty makeup. , a sense of ceremony, and the desire to try new things, create more thoughtful ideas through multi-dimensional products, which are both practical and ritual, and fit the preferences of foreign consumers, and are very popular at the exhibition!

The festive series of box sets appeared at the Canton Fair, which not only attracted many visitors from home and abroad to visit the exhibition, but also demonstrated the real power of the “traffic” of the exhibition products. At the exhibition, many merchants at home and abroad expressed their praise after learning about it. This series of products has high value and strong maintenance effect, which closely meets the market demand for festivals and has huge market potential.

Hot discussion in the industry, attracting attention


The official media of the Canton Fair reported on the new products of Xujohn

The holiday series of boxes became the most dazzling focus of the exhibition. With innovative trendy products and designs, “Highlight” made its debut and debuted with strength, demonstrating the hard core strength of Xujohn ‘s innovative design and ingenious craftsmanship, and won the exhibitors who visited the exhibition. Unanimous praise from customers.

Many media also went to interview, and even received a special report from the official Canton Fair. They interpreted the efficacy and product advantages of Xuzhuang’s new products with cameras and exclusive interviews at the Xujohn booth. Due to the diversified products, atmospheric visual effects and hot on-site atmosphere on the Xujohn booth, Xujohn has become a unique scenery at the Canton Fair.


Every exhibition appearance of Xujohn is a burst of momentum after gaining momentum! In the future, Xujohn will persist in R&D and innovation, continuously improve product quality, provide global customers with international high-quality cosmetics with excellent quality and sincere service, and let the world see the vigorous development and innovative strength of Chinese cosmetics.


The 133rd Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. Xujohn reached a number of cooperation intentions with overseas buyers and formed a strategic partnership. Through this Canton Fair, Xujohn is ready to welcome more merchants from all over the world, and also sincerely invites buyers and customers at home and abroad to visit the factory and experience the R&D and innovation strength and product charm of Xujohn up close.

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