Camellia Essential Oil

Product Name: Skincare Time Essential Oil
Specification: 30ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

It is a repairing essence oil that intensively produces moisturizing, repairing dryness, moisturizing and brightening the skin. With carefully selected ingredients of camellia seed oil, lavender essential oil and jojoba seed oil that are both moisturizing and brightening, it challenges unprecedented feeling of smoothness without greasy and helps the skin to absorb instantly with 0 burden. First it pours plenty of water until the water level is full, so that the skin gradually swells and tightens from the inside out, then the oil can repair disordered and damaged cuticle, and consolidate the cuticle texture and the tightness of the gap at the same time, which helps to strengthen the water lock capacity to keep the skin soft and hydrated. It helps the skin to quickly restore its smooth and delicate elastic softness, helps repair dry cracks and lines, and makes the youthful skin clear and radiant as soon as possible.

Exquisitely matched
Provide the right proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, etc., to make the skin soft and elastic and keep skin away from aging, sagging and wrinkles

Camellia seed oil
Contains 94% unsaturated fatty acids, replenishes the skin with fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid needed by the human body, and strengthens the skin barrier

Sunflower seed oil
Improve skin dryness from deep layer, increase skin’s radiance, lighten dark spots and strengthen skin’s anti-aging properties

Lavender oil
Promote skin regeneration, balance sebum secretion, and improve facial problems

Wild soybean oil
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids to activate skin sebaceous glands and gently care for the skin

Rosewood seed oil
Contains a variety of phenols, alcohols and linoleic acid, etc., with a silky and soft touch

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