Lavender Essential Oil

Product name: Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging Active Oxygen Oil
Net: 30mL
Shelf Life: 3 years
Certification: MSDS,ISO22716,GMPC
Service: OEM/ODM/Low MOQ for Private Label

With refreshing and non-greasy texture, compounded with flower essence and lavender essential oil, the floral massage oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin. It also has relaxing and soothing effects, making the body and mind feel comfortable, moisturizing and eliminating the symptoms of dry and itching in the body in winter, and keeping the skin moisturized. As the old saying goes, women make up for those who please them, we need to spend efforts to please our bodies. Clear and transparent, with a light purple color, which is full of low-key temptation belonging to women, it can create a soft and moisturizing touch for the skin, quickly enhance the vitality of the skin, and give the skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

Natural and pure
Lavender essential oil, known as “phytohormone”, can cleanse the skin and balance water and oil

All kinds of all-match essential oil
Versatile for all skin types

Condensed is the essence
200 kg of lavender flowers can extract only 1 kg of essential oil, which has good permeability, can be quickly absorbed, and has a higher security

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