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Retinol Essential Oil

Product Name: Anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging Active Oxygen Oil
Specification: 30ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

light and nonsensical essential oil, concentrated and refined retinyl palmitate and sesame seed extract, can quickly repair damaged skin, smooth wrinkles, firm skin, enhance elasticity, accelerate pigment metabolism and shedding, reduce ultraviolet rays damage, repair damaged spots, achieve multi-functions including anti-oxidation, turbidity, soothing, lighten redness in one step. Continue to pour moisturizing nutrients, rejuvenate the skin and repair vitality, soothe the fragile and uncomfortable skin, improve the skin problems of dullness and premature aging, make the skin delicate and smooth.

Exquisitely matched
Provide the right proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, etc., to make the skin soft and elastic and keep skin away from aging, sagging and wrinkles

Rose flower oil
Improve the skin’s natural moisturizing ability, dilute the pigment both internally and externally, and make the skin bright and elastic

Sunflower seed oil
Improve skin dryness from deep layer, increase skin’s radiance, lighten dark spots and strengthen skin’s anti-aging properties

Wild soybean oil
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids to activate skin sebaceous glands and gently care for the skin

Rosewood seed oil
Contains a variety of phenols, alcohols and linoleic acid, etc., with a silky and soft touch


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