2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the company team, Xujohn organized a 3-day and 2-night trip to Chaoshan on Sep. 10-12, 2021 to relieve the fatigue of the daily busy work of employees and relax themselves then move forward happily!
2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip 04

The first stop: Chaozhou
First we came to visit the Xiangzi Bridge, it also known as Guangji Bridge, namely Chaozhou Guangji Bridge, is a masterpiece of ancient bridge construction. Located in the east gate of Chaozhou Ancient City in Guangdong Province, it was built in the Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. The unique structure of Xiangzi Bridge integrates the forms of beam bridge, arch bridge and floating bridge, which condenses the crystallization of the wisdom and art of the ancient working people. It is the first open-closed bridge in China, even in the world.
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After crossing Xiangzi Bridge, we came to the Archway Street. Chaozhou memorial Arch street everywhere reveals the ancient flavor, whether it is architecture or all kinds of goods, are full of a strong Chaoshan atmosphere. After all, we visited Guangji Building, it is a characteristic building of Chaozhou built in the Ming Dynasty. The building is of great scale and great momentum. The tower is a palace style building, with double eaves and hilltops, red walls with glass tiles, vertical-column lattice Windows and carved beams, which looks magnificent.
2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip 03

The second stop: Nan’ao island, we are coming
As the only island county in Guangdong, Nan’ao Island not only has beautiful scenery, but also very strong cultural heritage. Blowing the sea breeze driving on the coastal highway, with the endless coastline, you can also see the power mill standing on the top of the mountain, everywhere are beautiful! We visited several scenic spots on the island, such as Green Bay, Tropic of Cancer marker tower and General Army Mansion. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the island, you can also learn about the history behind the island.
2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip 07

The third stop: Tasting a bite of Chinese food in Shantou
A restaurant called hundred years of screen in Shntou, it’s simple and generous lobby, so that time through to screen grandma that era, we come to here to taste delicious oyster burger, taste a bite of Chinese food is also a kind of enjoyment.
2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip 09

This is the end of the rich and wonderful trip to Chaoshan. In retrospect, we have paid a lot of hardships and efforts, more harvest and joy; In the future, we will be more energetic and enthusiastic in our work, staying true to our original aspiration and forging ahead.
2021 Xujohn Chaoshan Trip 05

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