Xujohn at Cross-border E-commerce Ecological Conference

On August 5, 2021, Xujohn was invited to participate in Alibaba’s Cross-Border E-commerce Ecological conference. At this conference, the organizer invited many CEOs and big traffic figures to share with you the global supply and demand trends, analyze the global economic trends, and the development trend of cross-border e-commerce.
Xujohn at Cross border E commerce Ecological Conference 06

The organizer invited some industry experts to conduct specific research and solutions to some common problems. In response to the problems of talents in the foreign trade industry, Wen Chan answered many of the problems we are currently encountering and gave us targeted solutions for these problems. Entrepreneur Run Liu also explained to us how an enterprise survives. Liu mentioned that the core competitiveness of our enterprise depends on our ability to innovate. how to get better products with less effort than has become the focus of our thinking. For the profit of the enterprise, the calculation structure should be optimized, the core profit of the enterprise should be found, and the cost of use should be reduced as much as possible for the customer, and at the same time, the core competitiveness should be improved.
Xujohn at Cross border E commerce Ecological Conference 01

Xujohn participated in this conference to solve market trends and some macro problems and imagine some excellent companies learning how to operate the company, how to serve our customers more efficiently and better so that our customers can enjoy better services. Liu Mingyang, the champion of Alibaba Zhejiang Got Talent, Shared with us the development history of their company and the problems encountered in the development process, and the improvement methods. At the same time, Liu also shared some of his experience in managing the company and some practical tips.
Xujohn at Cross border E commerce Ecological Conference 03

By participating in this summit, Xujohn has gained a lot in market awareness and corporate management. In the future, we can better serve our customers.


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