Xujohn Summer Thanksgiving Trip

On July 24-25, 2021, Xujohn organized a two-day team gratitude trip with the theme of “New Starting Point, New Journey”. To future enhance the communication and exchanges between employees, enhance the team spirit and team awareness of employees, and strengthen the cohesion of all employees of the company. Xujohn hopes that the employees of Xujohn will be happy while working at Xujohn. Summer travel is a tradition of Xujohn for so many years. This is what Xujohn promised to employees at the beginning of its establishment, and it is also what employees should enjoy.
Xujohn Summer Thanksgiving Trip 01

The first stop: Chanlong Canyon Drifting
Xujohn adheres to the people-oriented principle and regards employees as the core force of the company’s development. Come on a walk-and-go trip, so that employees can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax after busy work. Along the way, everyone laughed and laughed and enjoyed endless joy. The group came to Chanlong Gorge Rafting, which is known as “China’s No.1 Zen Drift” and experienced the thrill of the perfect combination of the “Chinese Dragon” and the rafting river, and experience the Yulong The feeling of flying and majestic.
Xujohn Summer Thanksgiving Trip 02

The second stop: go hiking for Tianlu Mountain
Strolling in the towering Tianlu Mountain, known as the “remains of the six ancestors’ lives and cultivating Buddhism”, is full of strange stones and many scenic spots. It is very pleasant to forget the worries of work and enjoy the baptism from the natural oxygen bar.
The third stop: Panlong Cave
It is known as one of the “Top Ten Cave Wonderful in the World”. The most peculiar thing in the cave is the “jewel flower” that grows on the rock wall. It is rare at home and abroad. The cave is divided into three floors. The upper layer is Heaven Tongtian Cave, the lower layer is Longquan Underground River, and the middle layer is the Kowloon Corridor. The stalactites in the cave are in various forms, and the stalagmites and stone pillars are like forests. Looking at this strange stone in front of me, I have to admire the magical work of nature.
Xujohn Summer Thanksgiving Trip 03

The two days are short, but the bits and pieces of it are still vivid, and everyone’s laughter still echoes in the ears. This is a journey of gratitude and recharge, which allows everyone to fully relax and broaden their horizons while enhancing their sense of identity with the company. The company’s development is inseparable from the hard work of all employees. In the future work, I hope everyone will continue to work hard and develop and progress together with the company to create this warm and harmonious family.
Xujohn Summer Thanksgiving Trip 04

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