Xujohn’s development

Xujohn has a history of more than 13 years of development so far. Xujohn has been cultivating the skin care industry for so many years and has made certain achievements in the field of skin care products. Committed to solving some problems in the research and development, processing, and production of skin care products.Xujohn’s development01

Xujohn’s predecessor “Guangzhou Yiya” was founded in 2008. After more than ten years of stable operation and efficient development. We have gradually grown into a professional skin care OEM manufacturer that integrates R&D, design, and manufacturing. We mainly specialize in facial masks, hand and foot masks, skin care products, and gel products. In 2009, Xujohn established “MÔND’SUB”. Our brand is sold overseas, and we have overseas specialty stores in major cities in many regions. After 7 years of development, the company officially changed its name to Xujohn in 2015. Xujohn invested a lot of assets in the transformation and equipment upgrade of the production workshop. After this upgrade, Xujohn’s production capacity and product quality have reached the leading level in the industry.

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As of 2017, Xujohn has obtained more than 12 national technology patent certificates. And in this year, Xujohn won the honor of Guangzhou Science and technology innovation giant and Guangdong high-tech enterprise cultivation. Beginning in 2017, Xujohn began to embark on the road of telling development. This is not only due to the achievements made by Xuhohn in production, but more importantly, the investment and results in research and development. By the end of 2018, cosmetics products have been exported to nearly 70 countries and regions around the world. In November 2018, Xujohn was awarded the honor of a “high tech enterprise”. In October 2019, Xujohn’s factory completed the overall secondary upgrading and transformation, and further advance towards automation and intelligence. After this upgrade and transformation, Xujohn’s production level is once again in line with the international leading level, and the production efficiency has made a qualitative leap.

Xujohn’s development02

Currently, Xujohn is preparing to purchase industrial land and plans to build its own production base. This will be the third upgrade of Xujohn. After this upgrade, Xujohn will have a greater improvement in all aspects.

Xujohn’s development04
Xujohn future development plan

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