2021 Guangzhou International Beauty Expo Ends Perfectly! The Future Will Never Stop!

On March 10-12, 2021, the 56th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo came to a successful conclusion in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. As the largest annual event in China’s beauty industry, the beauty industry is full of enthusiasm. Gathering together in this prosperous age, big names, brands, industry insiders, and industry elites are all coming! As a domestic excellent enterprise, Xujohn Group made a high-profile appearance at this beauty expo. It was built in the form of a fashionable and concise experience pavilion.

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Not only showed the public the brand-new products and our advantages but also willing to share their many years of experience. With its strong strength and broad prospects, it attracted many customers to stop, and the scene was full of people.

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In this year’s beauty expo, Xujohn Group has carefully crafted every detail with hundreds of products, striving for perfection, and is coming! There are exquisite sub-disposable environmentally friendly product series, sexy and fashionable lip masks, new products with all-round effects, small muscle eggs, and hair tail masks that are popular in foreign countries, from head care to facial cleansing, facial care, lip care, Eye care, hand and foot care series … comprehensively explore the market development trend and create a drainage product for you.

Looking into the hall, in every corner of the exhibition hall, you can see the busy figure of the Xujohn team, patiently explain the company’s business scope, negotiate details, and the intimate service and sincere communication of the Xujohn family to the people who come to the exhibition. Infected by the visitors, one after another stopped, listened to the explanation, and went straight to the wonderful moments on the spot.

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The three-day Guangzhou Beauty Expo ended successfully, but the excitement never ends. I am grateful to meet and thank new and old customers for their high enthusiasm and strong support to Xujohn Group. In the future, we will continue to work hard to provide you with better products and services! Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead!

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