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Coffee Pudding Mask

Product name: Coffee remove edema and stay up late pudding mask
Net: 50g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Brown pudding texture with a warm touch when applied. Energizing Caffeine Extract instantly revitalizes the skin, improves dullness and enhances the overall skin texture. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it forms a protective net for the skin, replenishes essential minerals and moisture for the skin, saves tired skin after staying up late, visibly improves the edema state, firmes the skin, and shapes the perfect contour of the face. The rich coffee flavor is mellow and long-lasting.

Firming skin cultivation and brightening
50% high purity caffeine extract, effectively penetrates into the skin and improves skin firmness

Stratified moist Keep skin hydrated
Multiple sodium hyaluronate forms a breathable spray film to reduce evaporation of moisture inside the skin.

Plant compounds to even out skin tone
Improve dull skin, evenly moisturize and brighten skin, relieve uneven skin tone

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